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Help us fight Human Trafficking in Portland. Statistics rate us one of the highest in the nation for sexual crimes!


Women are being solicIted from Department Stores and sold into slavery.And it's not just women and girls, but men and boys are abducted every day and sold into slavery.


CelebrateMyself will donate a percentage from every session booked. Help raise self esteem and empower your loved ones.

All are Welcome!

The people in this project are all real people, not professional models. I want to show the unique, natural beauty that is in every person.  Bring your true self and see how wonderful you really are! All are welcome.

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About Celebrate Myself



It is all about You and Your Joy.

Participate in the CelebrateMyself project with a glamour portrait experience unlike any other. Did you ever wish to have a glamour or film noir portrait of yourself or a loved one, but didn't want to deal with the pressure of a "photo shoot"? It can be intimidating for sure. I've been there and know what it's like. This one will be different. There will be no pressure to create the "perfect photo" of you. You will explore. You’ll be treated like the special, WONDERFUL person you are.  The session will be created and uniquely tailored to you. What you like to do, what you like the world to see about you, and most importantly, what you will learn and want to express about yourself.  I encourage people from all walks of life & professions, shapes & sizes & ethnic backgrounds to take this journey with me. We'll discover ways to bring out that inner beauty we all possess.

Photographic Options to Create:

  • a business headshot
  • a glamour portrait
  • a sensuous boudoir shot suitable for framing or sharing with a loved one
  • a descriptive environmental portrait about your favorite hobby/activity or business venture
  • profile shot:  Online dating is one of the most popular ways people connect and a portrait that shows you at your finest,     not a snapshot or selfie, will get the attention you want.
  • an album of lovely, sensuous photos of You can be a very cherished gift for a partner
  • celebrate with friends for special occasions like bachelorette parties, birthdays, 
  • a selection of glamorous photos of you as a wedding gift for your intended 
  • a couples session in celebration of your partnership with a loved one or family member 

                               Photos are memories. Create beautiful ones to share, or simply to Celebrate yourself.

I too am a real, mature woman who has made this journey through both tough times and great times.  I will help you find your most wondrous, radiant self and let it shine brightly. 


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Professional or Sensuous Poses


We will work together to find the most professional or sensuous pose that makes you feel like the wonderful self that you are. Go for a straight forward headshot, or silly & playful or feisty & frisky.  It's up to you.

Sharing Yourself


Our photographic exploration will allow you to play and find that most unique self that you love and want the world to appreciate.

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